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Dieases Treatment

Dieases Treatment Like , Low Birth Weight, infectious Dieases, Accident and Poisining, Child Health Care, Neonatal Jaundice, Care of infants, toddlers and pre Schoolers and child care etc.

  • Low Birth Weight
  • infectious Dieases
  • Accident and Poisining
  • Child Health Care


Parenthood is the most beautiful journey of one’s life. A child is the best gift from god that one can receive. A healthy child physically and psychologically is very important for proper well being.

General Checkup

All children need to have regular well child check-ups.


Vaccines and Immunization Practices recommended.

Dieases Treatment

All Dieases Treatment like, Low weight birth,infectioud dieases.

Diet Management

Children and adolescents form the backbone of future.